Nyp cedric wins
  1. Cedric McMillan
  2. Johnny Jackson
  3. Steve Kuclo
  4. Juan Morel
  5. Jon Delarosa

Army Staff Sgt Cedric 'Big Mac' McMillan won the 2012 New York Pro hands down, joining the ranks of bodybuilding legends. Johnnie Jackson and Cedric McMillan threw their hats into the ring for this show fairly recently, building anticipation as to what the top 5 would look like.

Johnnie Jackson has had a phenomenal year,  just coming off an overall win at the 2012 FIBO Power and a 2nd place finish at the 2012 Mr Europe. JOJ was awarded a well deserved second place. Since he began working with Dennis James, Johnnie has had a great, focused mindset and competitive physique that has him knocking on the Olympia's door.

Steve Kuclo is vastly improved from his 2011 USAs win. Working again with guru Hany Rambod, Team Kuclo added size and more importantly, the required conditioning to place third at a tough show, making Steve's Pro Debut a memorable one. Rookie Juan 'Diesel' Morel placed 4th, giving Steve a challenge.

Much of the spotlight had been on Jon Delarosa, local New Yorker making his Pro Debut. He did not disappoint, and had an audience full of cheering friends and family who let the judges know he's here to stay. Placing a respected 5th place, he is sure to work his way further up the placings in future contests.

Nyp12 english wins
Kevin English beat out Sami Ali-Alhaddad

1. Kevin English

2. Sami Ali-Alhaddad

3. Jose Raymond

We saw a better Jose Raymond last year. He's thick and hard but the classic conditioning Jose used to have is no longer there and wasn't enough tonight to edge out the reigning 202 Mr Olympia Kevin English. Kevin, on the other hand, presented his large legs and big shoulders but the effort to make weight may have taken a toll.

Sami Ali-Alhaddad displayed classic aesthetics and exhibited what a bodybuilder should look like: conditioned, well toned, balanced and well defined round muscle bellies. The audience verbally expressed their displeasure with his 2nd place by a lot of vociferious "boo's". But maybe the lack of muscle compared to Kevin English edged Sami out of first and into a comfortable second place.