The fiercest battle ever! Jay Cutler was beating Ronnie Coleman by 6 points after the first two rounds before the reigning Mr. Olympia turned on the power in the performance and posedown rounds to muscle out a victory by only 4 points.

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Kat Garcia - Figure E - 2014 USA Championships

Ron Coleman (1)

Jay Cutler (2)

Kevin Levrone (3)

Shawn Ray (4)

Chris Cormier (5)

Orville Burke (6)

Dennis James (7)

Dexter Jackson (8)

Nasser El Sonbaty (9)

King Kamali (10)

Melvin Anthony (11)

Craig Titus (12)

Vince Taylor (13)

Markus Ruehl (14)

Gunter Schlierkamp (15)

Tom Prince (16)

J. D. Dawodu (17)

Darrem Charles (18)

Pavol Jablonicky (19)

Charles Groulx (20)

Mike Matarazzo (21)

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