September 30, 2011

Two days before the athletes took the stage at the IFBB Sheru Classic, FLEX Magazine organized a trip into the heart of Mumbai. What began in Golds Gym ended in the streets during what was a special and unique experience for everyone involved.

Following Friday’s press conference, a group of athlete’s headed out to the local Gold’s Gym in Mumbai for a workout and some fun. The crew included Mr. Olympia Phil Heath, Kai Greene, Toney Freeman, Ms. Figure Olympia Nicole Wilkins, Ms. Bikini Olympia Nicole Nagrani, Hany Rambod, Kim Oddo, and the team from FLEX Magazine. After the workout, the trip got interesting as Mr. Olympia stopped on a corner to hit a few poses.

FLEXonline captured all of the day’s events on video and our host for the weekend, Sheru Aangrish, interviewed with all the athletes in the gym. Check out the video below to see “FLEX Takes on India.”