Flex Magazine's Olympia Contest Coverage

There has already been a new Olympia champion crowned. Will it be two tomorrow evening?

Phil Heath and Kai Greene did battle “mano y mano” onstage at prejudging while other brought in the best package they could for the Mr.Olympia.


Phil Heath: The reigning Olympia champ came in locked and loaded. He wasn’t as full as last years showing but he really didn’t need to be. Conditioning was a little off which you really don’t expect to see from an Olympia champion. Back double bicep is one of the best ever in the sport, and it seems like there was some special attention paid to it during the prep.

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Branch Warren: What his body lacks in structure, he makes up for in muscle. Warren pleases the hardcore “brick and mortar” style of bodybuilding fans and frustrates the “shape mongers” by being placed high and winning big shows. Warren was few percentage points off his best and was still plagued by a watery back. Quads and hams are always phenomenal.


Shawn Rhoden: Another who was a little bit away from his best conditioning. His structure shows why he is making a claim for being one of the best the sport has to offer. The way his muscle bellies pop in the front double bicep is phenomenal.


Dexter Jackson: Phenomenal showing by “The Blade”. One of his best packages to date and the fact he placed top six shows his physiques in still considered on of the very best. Could’ve stood to be a bit fuller overall, but that’s nitpicking.


Dennis Wolf: A big frame to fill out and he’s still a work in progress. Wolf’s tan was an issue as he appeared to light onstage. Back double bicep is great, but as he fills out his frame even more, it will be phenomenal. He has to find that formula to come in a huge and shredded freak.


Evan Centopani. The Olympia rookie didn’t disappoint, but he needs more of everything to make it at this level. More quads and ham meat, a fuller chest and a wider back will be needed to break into the top slots at this show. His conditioning wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t show stopping either. A bright future awaits him and lets hope to see him onstage more after this.


Toney Freeman:  Full and tight everywhere. The fact he is 46 and still up there rumbling with the big boys is a testament to his work ethic and intelligence towards his training. He could’ve been drier overall, but he still lays claim to being one of the best do it.


Kai Greene: The Predator came with a new weapon, a smaller waist. It looks like he didn’t push to extreme levels in the offseason in terms of weight. He wasn’t as full as we have seen him prior, but his conditioning showed came out when he hit his signature poses.  Quads and hams were thick as always.


The judges made it clear this was a two-man race with Heath and Greene dead center and the only two in the last callout. Stay tuned to Flexonline.com, The Flex Magazine facebook page and @flex_magazine on Twitter to keep up with updates.

IFBB Olympia Weekend 2012

IFBB Olympia Weekend 2012