The IFBB Pro League Breaks all Records in 2015 and has its Best Year Ever!

The IFBB Pro League Breaks all Records in 2015 and has its Best Year Ever!

Montreal, Canada, October 6, 2015 – In 2005, Joe and Ben Weider entrusted the restructuring and management of the IFBB Pro League to Jim Manion.

The table below compares IFBB Pro League statistics for the years 2005 and 2015, the IFBB Pro League’s record-breaking best year ever.




Number of Divisions 



Total Prize Money 



Olympia Prize Money 



Men’s (Open) Bodybuilding Contests 



Women’s Bodybuilding Contests 



Fitness Contests 



Figure Contests 



Bikini Contests 



212 Bodybuilding Contests 



Men’s Physique Contests 



Women’s Physique Contests 



Wheelchair Contests 






Number of Competitors 

Over 200

Over 1,200*

Number of Olympia Competitors 



*indicates new record set

In 2015, records have also been broken in the total amount of prize money awarded in Men’s Open Bodybuilding, 212 Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure, Bikini, Men’s Physique, Women’s Physique and Wheelchair.

The IFBB Pro League takes tremendous pride in continuing a 50-year tradition started by the IFBB in 1965 with its first professional contest – the IFBB Mr. Olympia. The
IFBB Pro League is about providing opportunity by, among other things, creating new divisions, adding more competitions and increasing overall prize money. Recently, the NPC and IFBB Pro League announced a new Men’s Classic Physique division, which will be added to the “Olympia Fitness & Performance Weekend” with the promise of attracting a whole new segment of physique athletes and enthusiasts.

Says IFBB Pro League President Jim Manion, “Many hardworking, dedicated, committed and loyal people from all over the world are responsible for, and share in, the IFBB Pro League’s success and steady growth and development, particularly over these past ten years. They include athletes, judges, officials, promoters, sponsors, photographers, print and online media, supporters and fans. This also includes the longstanding, supportive and valued relationship the IFBB Pro League continues to have with the IFBB and its President, Dr. Rafael Santonja.”

An important part of the IFBB Pro League’s success story is due to its flagship event, often called “The Greatest Physique Show on Earth” – the Olympia. For this, special recognition and thanks are owed to David Pecker, President, Chairman and CEO of American Media Inc., and Olympia producer Robin Chang.

Another iconic event, the Arnold Sports Festival, is a huge success story. In 2015, the ASF celebrated events in Columbus (the 27th annual “Arnold Classic”), Madrid, Melbourne and Rio de Janeiro and is expanding into other areas of the world. For this, special recognition and thanks are also owed to Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jim Lorimer and Bob Lorimer.

The IFBB, IFBB Pro League and Olympia brands are recognized worldwide, which is one of many reasons why these organizations are partnering to bring the Amateur Olympia and professional Olympia events to other countries and continents.

Joe and Ben Weider created the IFBB in 1946. That’s nearly 70 years of history and tradition, as well as a legacy that will not be diminished, dismissed or duplicated by any other bodybuilding, fitness or physique organization in the world. We trust this clear sign of the IFBB Pro League’s success, growth and development inspires you.


From 1965 to 2005, the IFBB managed both amateur and professional divisions. In 2005, the professional division separated from the IFBB and the IFBB Pro League was created.

Jim Manion is also President of the National Physique Committee of the USA (the “NPC”) and IFBB Vice President for North America.

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