Olympia Women's Pre-Judging Report

Olympia Women's Pre-Judging Report

It's was billed as the most competitve Olympia of all-time and today the women of the IFBB made certain this weekend is nothing short of legendary.  The greatest competitors in the world took the stage today for pre-judging in Fitness, Bikini, Figure, Women's Physique, & Ms. Olympia.  Check out the judge's callouts below and stick with FLEXOnline all night for complete results from Fitness, Bikini, and Ms. Olympia along with MR. OLYMPIA pre-judging.  And don't miss the FLEXOnline exclusive video: ALL ACCESS BACKSTAGE (click here)! 

2013 FITNESS Olympia Pre-Judging

First Call-Out:Myriam CapesBethany CisterninoTanji JohnsonTrish WarrenAdela Garcia**Adela Garcia placed in center.

2013 BIKINI Olympia Pre-Judging

First Call-Out:Ashley KaltwasserAmanda LatonaIndia PaulinoYeshaira RoblesNathalia MelloStacy Alexader

Final Comparison:Stacy Alexander (right)Ashley Kaltwasser (left)Yeshaira Robles (center)*Each competitor took a turn in the center…it’s wide open!


2013 FIGURE Olympia Pre-Judging

First Call-Out:Heather DeesMallory HaldemanCandice KeeneNicole WilkinsErin Stern  

Final Comparison:Heather DeesCandice KeeneNicole Wilkins*Erin Stern* *Erin Stern & Nicole Wilkins share center stage.

2013 WOMEN’S PHYSIQUE Olympia Showdown Pre-Judging

First Call-Out:Dana Linn BaileyTycie CoppettSara HurrlePatricia MelloToni West

Final Comparison:Dana Linn BaileyTycie CoppettSara Hurrle*Very close competition with each competitor taking a turn in the middle.

2013 MS. OLYMPIA Olympia Pre-Judging

First Call-Out:Juanita BlainoBrigita BrezovacDebi LaszewskiYaxeni OriquenAlina PopaIris KyleFINAL COMPARISON:Alina PopaIris Kyle



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