Thursday in Melbourne, Australia here at Doherty's Gym was the place to be. Athletes from throughout the world arrived in country and were escorted to Doherty's Gym for some food, some hospitality and then packed up and sent to their hotel rooms. Tony made sure the hotel rooms were suites with kitchens so that the competitors could better manage their food.

There were Pros of all sorts here from Alicia Harris, to Nicole Wilkins and last year's winner, Erin Stern. Strongmen competitors Mike Jenkins and Nick Best were forced to sit across each other on the plane to balance the load. And of course, Branch Warren, Lionel Brown, Omar Deckard and even Guru George Farah were in Doherty's Gym. Kevin English is also here for guest posing as well as hometown girl, Bev Francis flew in as head judge.

Tony also breaks down the fact that the SECOND PLACE winner will be given an Olympia qualification seeing as how Branch Warren is already qualified for the Olympia. So with some hungry pros looking for a ticket to the big show, they are all gunning for second place to be first here at the 2012 Australian Pro.