Bertil Fox, a five-time Olympia contender, and Roelly Winklaar, who made his O debut this September, were both cut from similar structural cloth — massive arms, relatively long torsos and thick (if not especially sweeping) quads.


Fox presented a powerful look, great arms and a thick pair of pecs. His main weaknesses were somewhat narrow clavicles and an inability to get really lean without dropping too much mass. Winklaar’s arms are also incredible and he shows levels of crispness and detail that go a long way on today’s pro circuit. He could use a bit more lat thickness and hamstring development, and his posing doesn’t show his physique in its best light.


Fox placed as high as fifth at an Olympia (1983), and, from the late ’70s until the early ’80s, was one of the most massive men on the planet. But he never managed to win an IFBB Pro League show, something Winklaar accomplished on his third attempt. At 27, he should still have room for improvement, and even if he has already peaked, his overall development and conditioning give him the edge over Fox.

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IFBB Olympia Weekend 2014

IFBB Olympia Weekend 2014