Virtual Posedown: Serge Nubret vs. Dennis Wolf

Virtual Posedown: Serge Nubret vs. Dennis Wolf

Serge Nubret (1975) VS. Dennis Wolf (2010)


To this day, few men in history have displayed a more aesthetically pleasing physique than the legendary Serge Nubret, who competed between 1963 and 1983. Olympia contender Dennis Wolf is among today’s better-proportioned IFBB Pro League competitors.


Nubret was listed at 6'; Wolf comes in at 5'11". Nubret competed in the neighborhood of 210 pounds; Wolf tips the scales at more than 260. Although Nubret matches up well with Wolf on arms, pecs and abs, Wolf holds a great advantage when it comes to back and thighs.


Wolf carries the mass and is overwhelming in the back and thighs, so from a bodybuilding standpoint, Wolf wins this posedown handily; but in terms of sheer aesthetics, Nubret can’t be beat.

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