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So several days after my show how do I feel?? I feel awesome!! I competed for the first time as a pro and I had such a great experience words can't explain such great competitors and friend they made it extremely comftable and easy!! I trained to win the show I mean that's what we all train for but my goal was to be in top 5 at my first pro show and I did just that and not only did I get top 5 at my first pro show I did it in the NY Pro which is the 3rd biggest show.. It was great to stand on stage next to Cedric he is a beast Johnny Jackson the guy is thick Steve man that boy is big John Delarosa my brother from another mother he got some wheels on him Vaughn Ettienne crazy shoulders!! Being back stage with my boy Kevin English King of 212, Marco Rivera, Guy Cisternino, Fahkri Mubarak , sister Jillian Reville, Jose Raymond, Candice Keene! The feeling was extrodinary can't even begin to share how I feel!!

2013 New York Pro <a class=Juan Morel” src=”https://cdn-ami-drupal.heartyhosting.com/sites/muscleandfitness.com/files/flex/images/juan-compare.jpg” style=”width: 680px; height: 398px;” /

I want to thanks my Fiancé for everything she went to the extent in this prep to make sure everything was right and nothing went wrong she is amazing thank you so much my love!! My parents you guys are always there no matter what and the amount of support is beyond words, my Family and friends for coming and showing support and being there for me, my close friend that are like Family to me Jillian Reville, Akim Williams, John Delarosa, Victor Martinez, Emilio and his wife Elli  my Family at Synergy Kelly, RJ, PJ, John Pena, want to thanks My Mentor, my friend Dave Palumbo, want to Thanks Weider/AMI, Flex Online, big Thanks to Steve Weinberger all my Fans, all my Twitter Fans and FB fans. I mean I could keep going and going for those I didn't mention you thank you all so hard to remember everyone!!

Let's recap the day of the show few things went wrong first I would like to say I'm happy with the package I brought but let me tell you I was flat I look full cause I was on stage 10 pounds bigger than my prior showing at the North American but I was flat just a few pounds but it makes a world of a difference on my physique how do I know well today woke up weighing 250 and I have more roundness and I'm way more grainy than I was on the day of the show which I woke up weighing 246.4 the other thing was my color it ruined backstage cause it was so hot and started running when I applied the oil we put a little to much and I was really shiny, all these things are a learning experience and I just know for the next time!! I didn't eat like I normally would eat to carb up and that why I was flat I was trying new things being a pro and tried carbing up with clean foods. My body isn't like everyone's I need junk to carb up as you can see I look better today after having a pie of pizza and ice cream before bed last night lol!!

As of my Plans of what's next I might do the Hartford CT, not 100 percent sure yet I'll keep you guys posted!!

Here are pics of the morning of show and two days later to see the difference in fullness.