This weekend at the 2012 NPC Nationals, there will be a total of 62 new IFBB Pros crowned in Atlanta. Of those 62, a handful will be awarded to Men Bodybuilding.

With that, in this pre-judging wrapup video with IFBB Pros Dennis James, Mike Liberatore and 3rd place finisher at the Mr Olympia Shawn Rhoden reviewed the men and their call-outs.

Pre-judging started off with the Bantamweights. The first call-outs were:

  • Jose Vargas,
  • George Gibson,
  • Alejandro Ojeda,
  • Shaun Clarida

Men's Lightweight first call-outs were:

  • Damon Ricketts,
  • Gene Johnson,
  • Johnny McKnight,
  • Leon Dozier,
  • Luis Moreno,
  • Chris Darby

In the Men's Welterweight first call-outs were:

  • Denver Smith,
  • Victor DelCampo,
  • Brandon Williams,
  • Tim Ward,
  • Artin Shahnazarian,
  • Todd Scott

In the Mens Middleweight, the first call-outs were:

  • Steve Silverman,
  • Theodore Atkins Jr,
  • Jose Rivera,
  • Anthony Paitaris,
  • Timoney Ferbandez,
  • Edward Foster

In the Mens Light Heavyweight, the first call-outs were:

  • Yumon Eaton,
  • Matthew Mertens,
  • Arthur ReedI,
  • Kevin Ofrum,
  • Adam Cohen,
  • Cory Matthews

In the Mens Heavyweight, the first call-outs were:

  • Tony Frierich,
  • Justin Compton,
  • Lloyd Dollar,
  • Joel Thomas,
  • Bryan Kerridge,
  • Rob Youellis

In the Mens Super Heavyweight, the first call-outs were:

  • Brian Yersky,
  • Anthoneil Champagnie,
  • Anthony Tenuta,
  • Joe DeRousie
NPC 2012 Nationals

NPC 2012 Nationals