We are very excited to see the ladies who have remained focused, disciplined and diligent with their dieting and training as they get to participate in this distinguished competition. All the featured women’s division will be represented the weekend of August 31st – women’s bodybuilding, fitness, physique, figure and bikini, all going for a chance to earn a pro card.

With the divisions of bodybuilding, figure and fitness shifting and changing as the newer divisions have been created and, finally become more defined, it is always interesting to see the type of physiques that get rewarded at the national level. Add to that the fact that this particular show is open to Mexico and Canadian citizens, which, in most cases, have a different standard to the type of physiques that get rewarded in their respective countries.

Some of last year’s pro card winners who have moved on to a productive and successful pro season this year include Nola Trimble, Tracy Bodner, Sue Knott, Essence Monet, Danielle Ruban, Gloria Fauls, Gillian Kovack, Lexi Kaufman, and Crystal Matthews.

Without really telling who will show up, we wonder, who is going to surprise us all, and who will walk away a Pro in Pittsburgh at the North American Championships?

Stay with us as we will provide updates, photos, videos right here on flexonline.com. For up to the minute call-outs and results follow us on twitter @flex_magazine.

IFBB North Americans 2012

IFBB North Americans 2012