Bi's Like Kai's

The Predator's training philosophy and favorite exercises for building massive biceps.


Chris Nicoll

Want to build arms like two-time Arnold Classic champion Kai Greene? That’s fine—just don’t attempt to emulate his biceps workout rep for rep. We’ll let him explain why.

Looking through this Kai Greene biceps-training article, you might notice one key element is missing. Sure, you’ll see the requisite photos of the 275-pound Brooklynite, showing of a physique that might just earn him a Mr. Olympia title next year. You’ll also read plenty of information about work-outs, and even a few key biceps exercises you might want to take advantage of.

So what’s not there? Well, an actual biceps workout. No sets. No reps. No handy little box neatly listing everything, ready for you to tear out and take to the gym with you, all in an effort to start crafting arms you hope to one day be as voluminous, muscular and ripped as Greene’s mighty peaks.

Indeed, you have come across a rarity in bodybuilding media. Who knows, it may even be the very first of its kind. Because right now, you’re about to delve into a biceps workout article that, oddly enough, doesn’t include an actual biceps workout.

And if you think that’s a head scratcher, well, that’s all part of the territory when exploring the often surprising, inimitable psyche of Kai Greene—bodybuilding’s resident philosopher and reigning king of ultrafreaky, otherworldly muscle development.

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