When FLEXonline got invited to spend a day with Dana Linn Bailey at her Warhouse Gym Camp, it was an offer we couldn't refuse. So we packed up the cameras and headed to the Warhouse Gym in Leesport, PA to spend the day with Ms. Olympia DLB, Rob Bailey, the Flag nor Fail crew, and a ton of eager campers.

Dana offered hours of great advice on training, nutrition, supplements, self-marketing, social media, & everything in between.  She had so much to share we couldn't cut it down to one or two videos, so we gave up trying.  

This is part 1 of the DLB Warhouse Gym Camp Series.  Everyday we'll add a new video from the camp until there's no footage left!  Get ready to learn, laugh, and of course…grow!

Click here for PART 2 – CHEST

Click here for PART 3 – SHOULDERS

Click here for PART 4 – BACK

Click here for PART 5 – LEGS