Phil Heath’s 50 Incredible Arm Training Tips

Pump up your arms with 7X Mr. Olympia, Phil Heath.


Do you want an arm-training secret from Mr. O? How about two? Forget that. Go big or go home. We're going to give you 50.

These 50 (yes, 50!) arm-training tips helped Heath bring home six Sandows, so far. And he used his own advice as he prepared for the last Mr. Olympia.

1 | Train biceps and triceps together. Work your weaker muscles first when you have more strength and energy. You’ll notice I always do biceps before triceps. That’s because my tri’s grow more easily than my bi’s.

The best thing about working out alone is I do it my way at my pace. I do exactly what I know works best for my arms, and I’m never waiting on anyone else.

Standing dumbbell curls have always been the key exercise in my biceps routine. They give you a great range of motion and the ability to curl both arms independently.

When doing dumbbell curls, I don’t alternate reps. I alternate every five reps. So I’ll do five reps on the right side, then five on the left, five on the right, five on the left. That way each side gets a longer rest during the set so you can get a couple more reps. Also, by not alternating every rep, you can focus more on each individual arm.

It’s crucial with curls that you control the negative halves of reps. Lower the weight slowly. Remember, you’re working muscle fibers then, too.

The shape of your arms, like how peaked your biceps are, is mostly genetics. But you can accentuate certain things. I like to put a lot more focus on contractions by holding them a little longer to bring out the peaks.

A lot of what makes arms great is all the separation and the freaky details, those striations, and that only comes about from diet and cardio. Don’t get obsessed with measurements. A big fat arm isn’t nearly as impressive as a lean, somewhat smaller arm.


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