Yoda's Disciples

How Neil "Yoda" Hill trains Flex Lewis and William Bonac for incredible success.

Yoda's Disciples
Per Bernal


Last year I feel that William delivered a very dominating, crisp package, so I was very excited to see how that would look with his productive off-season behind him. This year William came onstage seven to eight pounds heavier and, if anything, his conditioning was even tighter, which meant that visually his physique had made some very significant leaps in quality, which were plain to see.

The key areas we focused on improving were:

  • Increasing the overall width and thickness of his shoulders
  • Increasing the thickness and detail in his back
  • Keeping his waistline very tight

William’s legs are extremely well-developed from every angle: They have no weaknesses, so the goal was to make areas of his upper body just as commanding. What I didn’t want to do was pack weight onto his frame this off–season at the expense of his small waistline because you see it time and time again where athletes sacrifice shape and symmetry for size, and that’s just not bodybuilding. I’m very much a believer in quality over quantity and always come back to the classic, beautiful lines of a owing physique rather than sheer mass alone.

Ian Spanier


To bring out the added width of William’s shoulders, we focused on hitting them twice a week, usually every fourth day. The key thing to remember with this is that due to the increased frequency of training on this muscle group, the secondary workout needs to be adapted accordingly. The goal was to stimulate the muscle fibers in the secondary workout without causing so much damage that William would be unable to recover properly between those workouts. Remember, the shoulders are brought into play in other workouts anyway, so this meant I really had to think hard about his Y3T training plan.

William also trained his back every four to five days to increase the frequency of stimulation within that area. However, unlike shoulders, the back is a much bigger muscle group. This creates its own issues because you have to balance food intake along with supplementation for recovery, as well as trying to stimulate growth without overtaxing the whole body and potentially forcing it into a negative environment. One workout focused more on width, while the second workout focused on thickness within the back area.

However, I want to emphasize that although the workouts were very different due to the specific goals I just mentioned, there’s no way to completely avoid crossover between certain areas/ muscle groups within the back. You might be focusing on the lats more in one workout and the rhomboids more in another. However, you’re still going to hit those areas in both workouts, ultimately. This is why it’s so important to allow your body enough time to recover within your programming so you’re not overtraining certain areas. As I always say, to force as much detail into the muscle as possible you must always focus on the quality of your contraction with each rep. On back, this is particularly important—therefore, I stipulated very specific rep tempos for William to maximize the engagement of specific fibers within his back.

Ian Spanier


Adding that extra seven to eight pounds of quality muscle took effort in the off-season, when we even resorted to introducing meals through the night to keep him as anabolic as possible. However, what I really want to reiterate is that you can’t just keep forcing growth with more and more calories. At some point you will start seeing negative effects, such as a distended gut due to the volume of food you’re having to process. Like I said, it was key that we kept William’s waistline flat, which we managed to with the extra solid muscle on top. To me, this is what really sets a world-class physique apart: mass, thickness with the owing lines in the right places, and a at midsection.

Overall, I felt that William excelled this year, and once again he was the talk of the show. He’s now beat athletes such as Dexter Jackson and Shawn Rhoden. He has firmly made a space for his name in the top-five bodybuilders the world has to offer and will continue to improve upon that over the coming years. I simply couldn’t be any more proud of William’s efforts. He has a very bright future!


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