Since the age of 2, Brittany Weiss has been an athlete. As a gymnast, she pushed her body and mind to extremes that led to her stepping away from the sport after after her senior year of high school. She would find joy in teaching younger gymnasts, but the spirit of competition never left her. A former coach of Weiss introduced her to CrossFit, and it was in there she found a new outlet and something she could pour herself into.

The two-time CrossFit Games athlete recently took Muscle and Fitness through her daily training items, which include No Bull gear, an assortment of snacks for the duration of her work, NG Nutra MR46 for recovery, and Tula face cleanser to make sure she feels her cleanest before headed home.

CrossFit Champion Brittany Weiss working out on the Assualt Bike with her assault bike workout

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NG Nutra MR46

I’ve been using this for a little over three months now and I’ve loved it. I feel like there are so many different products that they carry but obviously, the one that I carry is going to help me before, during, and after my workouts. This is filled with BCAA’s, and it just helps with my body in training sessions, and it also gets me ahead of recovery for after.

Buy MR46 Muscle Recovery: $54.99 at NG Nutra


BUBS Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies

I cannot do the liquid, but gummies are fine. This is something I take every single day. I normally do it with other vitamins and it’s one thing that’s been in my daily routine for a good while now. I love them!

Buy Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies: $18.95 at Bubs Naturals


BRITTANY Weiss Nobull Gear
Courtesy of BRITTANY Weiss

No Bull Gear

I’ve been wearing NoBull, honestly, for as long as I can remember. Before I had even signed on with them, it was just athletic apparel that I loved to wear while working out. I officially signed on with them in March of this year. Honestly, what drew me towards them was how I felt wearing their clothes while I was working out. I just feel like with so many different brands, I was always pulling up, pulling down, or nothing really fitting how it does when I’m wearing NoBull. The people behind the brand are incredible and that’s what helped draw me there also. I had been wearing them for over three years. The amount of money I spent on NoBull was insane. I started off wearing their clothes and then got into their shoes. I just loved what they were doing, where they were going, and what they have planned for later down the line.

Buy Lifter (Women’s) shoes: $299 at No Bull

Buy Women’s Trainers: $129 at No Bull

Buy Women’s Tee: $38 at No Bull


Wod & Done Thumb Tape

Funny story: so, after the games this year, I took some time off and wasn’t lifting or doing any high-intensity things. I came back a month later and did the Rouge Invitational Qualifier and it slipped my mind to put on thumb tape — I guess because I hadn’t been training or doing any heavy lifting. During heavy cleans, I didn’t realize how much I rely on thumb tape because my thumbs were destroyed. They were ripped up and it was so bad. I always find myself putting it on even when I don’t really need it. It’s like a habit now. I use Word & Done and they have hand grips, but I like to feel the bar or have my hand on the grips of the bar, so the thumb tape is a go-to for me.

Buy Precut Thumb Strips: $7.99 – $19.99 at WodNDone

2POOD Belt
Courtesy of BRITTANY Weiss

2POOD Belt

Injuries have happened to me more than I would like. Back when I first started CrossFit, I had a really bad back injury, so I have spent a lot of time trying to rebuild my core in ways so I don’t have to rely so much on a belt. But there are times when I look at a workout and I know I need a belt because I know it’s going to blow up my lower back and it’s so helpful to have. Honestly, if you lift a little without a belt and you put one on, you feel like you can lift 15-20 more pounds and it’s so helpful.

Buy Weightlifting Belt: $64.99 at 2POOD

BRITTANY Weiss holding a bag of Wilde Chips
Courtesy of BRITTANY Weiss

SNACKS (Wilde chips, Fuel for Fire, Apple Sauce)

I’m a big foodie, so I like to eat. These aren’t even all of the snacks I normally eat, but they’re the top ones that I’m always snacking on during my training sessions. Wilde Chips are packed with so much great protein — they’re actually made from chicken breast. They also have a lot of good, healthy fats. Sometimes, fats can scare people away, but the healthier fats are what’s actually good for you. They are a little bit higher in fat but it’s good fat. The Fuel for Fire are really easy to get down because they come in a pouch and there are carbs and proteins in that. There’s no fat in those, so that’s typically what I’ll sip on after a high-intensity workout because I normally go for carbs and protein right after. I love apple sauce. The little pouches is just an easy delivery system. You just squeeze it and off you go. I’m also a huge fan of Uncrustables but they have to be frozen. That’s hard for me because if they’re with me at the gym, they’re not going to be frozen. That’s something I have when I get back.

Buy Wilde Protein Chips: $5 per bag at Wilde Chips

Buy Fruit Smoothie: 6-Pack $17.99 at Fuel For Fire 

Buy Kirkland Organic Apple Sauce: $29.04 at Walmart


Tula Face Care

I could wash my face three times a day because it just makes me feel clean — especially after a training session. The gyms get cleaned but there are a lot of people coming in and out all day. When you’re doing burpees and your face is so close to the floor, or you’re sweating and wiping yourself with towels — just making sure my face is clean makes me feel better. Normally after a workout, I’ll wash my face, wipe it off, and place on some moisturizer on it. I’m not a girl that wears makeup while working out because it just feels like there’s too much on your face. This is a big thing I do after training sessions to feel clean before going home.

Buy Purifying Face Cleanser: $34 at Tula


WHOOP charger

I wear the WHOOP all the time. I love the data and love to look at it. If I wake up and I’m not recovered, it is what it is (laughs). I don’t really let it get to me. It is something that I always like to keep charged, so I keep this with me. Looking at your heart rate after workouts is just good data to have. You look back and see where your heart rate spiked and where could I have tried to level it out a little bit. I’ve been using WHOOP now for about four years. People have tried to get me to try other things, but I like that it doesn’t have a face. I feel like if I had something with a face, I feel like I would be checking it all the time and get distracted.

Buy battery pack 4.0: $49 at WHOOP

Follow Brittany at @brittany_weiss

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