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100-Year-Old Woman Sets Record in 100 Meter Dash

Ida Keeling becomes the oldest woman to crush the sprinting event at the Penn Relays in Philadelphia.

100-Year-Old Woman Sets Record in 100 Meter Dash

It may not be the same blistering speed as Usain Bolt's record-breaking dash, but Ida Keeling's 100 meter run is no less impressive. Not only does the 100-year-old athlete complete the race in impressive time (1 minute, 17 seconds)—setting a new world record for her 100-plus age group—she also managed to knock out a few pushups after crossing the finish line at the 122nd running of the Penn Relay in Philadelphia, PA.

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The New York native is not new to the running game. According to a New York Times article, Ida has been competing in track and field events since her late 60's, and continues to break records along the way. The inspiring centenarian has immersed herself in challenging athletic pursuits to help overcome depression from the loss of her two sons to drug violence.

So what's Ida's secret to staying so fit at 100? Hitting the gym and finding the strength to keep moving. "I've got to get my hour of exercise every day, says the no-quit dynamo. "Your strength is in you. If you've got a will, you'll find a way." During a recent training session, Ida's daughter, Shelley, led her through a workout that included pushups, wall sits, shoulder presses and sprints. As for her diet, Ida follows to a strict regimen that emphasizes healthy choices. “I eat for nutrition, not for taste," she admits.