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Worried about keeping fit when life doesn’t leave room for routine trips to the gym? If regularly working out and eating right is already tough enough, doing so on the road might seem impossible. Let’s turn to the ladies who’ve made a living off competition and eating right, despite a life of travel.

Our friends (and international soccer stars) Kaylyn Kyle, Lauren Sesselmann, and Adriana Leon let us dig around in their gym bags to see exactly what tricks they have up their sleeves. Here’s a hint: excuses aren’t one of them.

Kaylyn Kyle – Midfielder

Portland Thorns FC, National Women’s Soccer League, Canada Women’s National Soccer Team

Kaylyn smile1

Kaylyn is a dog lover, fashion blogger, snowboarder, and medalist in both the Olympic & Pan-American games. She’s currently adding surfing to her long list of athletic skills!

Favorite piece of portable workout equipment?

TRX bands! I need to be able to get a full body workout right off the back of a hotel door. 

Favorite on-the-go snack?

Quest Bars (Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough)

Biggest surprise in your gym bag?

Most people would be surprised, but I always carry lipstick in my bag…ALWAYS!

Favorite post-workout treat?

Quest Bars! Haha, you’re starting to see a trend here. 

Something you’re reading?

I read a lot of fashion blogs, but as for books, I’m currently reading a book on how to start your own business, as I’m a new business owner!

Lauren Sesselmann – Defender

Houston Dash, National Women’s Soccer League, Canada Women’s National Soccer Team

Lauren Sesselmann lives for soccer. She’s the owner of Sesselmann Soccer Skillz, hosting training camps for future stars across the US and Canada. She’s also the Head Trainer and Co-Owner for “Fit As A Pro,” a 10-minute fitness program of full body workouts. And get this, Lauren just debuted a whole new set of skills this summer, acting in a new feature film Dark Awakening!

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Favorite piece of portable workout equipment?

Jump rope, resistance band and slide boards. You can get a great total-body workout with just those three things!

Biggest suprise in your gym bag?

My endless amounts of perfumes and lotions…I have this thing about smelling good. Also, my teammates always call me “Mama Sess” because I always carry medicine or first aid. Hey, you never know when you’re going to need something!! And it comes in handy!!

Favorite post-workout treat?

I’m a bar or shake girl. When I’m training at home, my gym has a little smoothie making station, so I’ll mix my protein (I use different flavors from Quest Nutrition), bananas, oatmeal, scoop of almond butter, ice and water or coconut water. If I don’t have the time to make a shake, I always carry a Quest Bar in my bag to munch on, the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Mint Chocolate Chunk

Something that never leaves your gym bag?

My heart rate monitor and a softball to roll out on. 

Something you’re reading?

“Zoo” by James Patterson…I love a good mystery and I’m always reading something on exercise and nutrition…also reading “The Body Book” by Cameron Diaz. 

Adriana Leon – Winger, Attacking Midfielder

Chicago Red Stars, National Women’s Soccer League, Canada Women’s National Soccer Team

Adriana is a lover of fashion, yoga and nutrition. And as if being a North American soccer superstar wasn’t enough, she’s a real gym junkie, to boot!

Adriana packets1

Favorite post-workout treat?


Biggest surprise in your gym bag?

Body moisturizer and facial wipes, I love traveling with these items to keep my skin glowing and feeling fresh. 

What’s your downtime entertainment?

Water sports, like kayaking or paddle boarding. I also enjoy hot yoga when I am not at the soccer field. 

Something you’re reading?

Lena Dunham’s “Not That Kind of Girl.”

What’s new on your iPod?

The Weeknd, “Beauty Behind The Madness.”

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