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Brie Bella Raises PTSD Awareness with 22-Day Challenge

Start your own #22Pushup challenge to help raise awareness about veteran suicides.

A video posted by Brie Bella (@thebriebella) on

Retired WWE sports performer (and former Muscle & Fitness Hers cover star) Brie Bella is doing a 22-day pushup challenge to raise awareness about veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. 

The #22pushups challenge is named after the number of American veterans who commit suicide every day. National PTSD Awareness Day is on June 27, and June is PTSD Awareness Month. 

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Brie's mom called her out to take part in the 22-day challenge. Each day, participants take a video of themselves doing 22 pushups and then challenge someone else to do the same. 

"Wherever we are, we can stop and reach out to a vet, family or friends, and make sure they are okay," the star's Instagram caption reads.

Brie is only on day three of her challenge, so add 22 pushups to your workout, share it on social tagging us on Instagram (@MuscleandFitnessHers) while using the hashtag and catch up while you can!

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