Chris Hemsworth may be a God—*ahem* play a God—in the Thor franchise, but at the end of the day his badass wife, Elsa Pataky, runs circles around him when it comes to fitness. 

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, the on-screen superhero shared that Pataky is in significantly better shape than he is—which is a little bit surprising, given his super-jacked status and insanely difficult workouts.

“Yeah, she has a greater cardio skill set, endurance than I’ll ever have, and it’s a little embarrassing at times,” Hemsworth said on the red carpet for the Los Angeles premiere of Thor: Ragnarok.

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“We have the same trainer, a mate of mine from school that we grew up with, and he very often says, ‘You know what, your wife is much fitter than you are,’ so I’m well aware of it,” Hemsworth went on to say. And after a quick glance at Pataky’s Instagram account, we’re a little bit less surprised. The stunning Spanish model and actress loves to show off her own intense workouts.

Check out some of Pataky’s fittest Instagram posts below:

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