Emily Skye has been a force in the fitness industry for years now, and these days, the former Muscle & Fitness Hers cover star and new mom boasts nearly 2.5 million followers on Instagram alone. That’s a hefty following, and one look at her Instagram feed will tell you what draws fitness enthusiasts—especially women—to Skye’s page: her signature realness. Sure, she posts flawless bikini shots and night-out selfies, but she’s just as quick to draw back the curtain and post photos of her most bloated moments or her personal physique transformations.

Skye welcomed daughter Mia into the world in December 2017 after sharing much of her pregnancy fitness routine and lifetyle updates with her followers. She also kept them in the loop as she followed her own Emily Skye Fit plan to get back to her pre-baby fitness level. Her Instagram feed is full of motivating posts that prove anyone can make time to get a workout in and make the simple lifestyle tweaks necessary to stay lean and healthy.