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This Fitness Blogger's Body Transformation Just Ended the Cardio vs. Weights Debate

Rebecca Smith's Instagram bio says it all: "Rome wasn't built in a day and neither was that booty."

It's a long-running—and often hotly contested—debate: cardio or weights. The logic behind running a few miles as you're sweating it out on the treadmill is that it can help you get lean—and it can. But lifting weights has similar effects with an added bonus: building strength while sculpting specific body parts, like your glutes or abs.

But sometimes you need to see real-life proof to believe it. 

Enter: Fitness blogger Rebecca Smith.

In the Instagram caption for the stunning before-and-after photos, Smith explains why she's sticking with lifting over cardio: "Building strength and muscles," "losing that extra body fat," and having a "healthier relationship with food and body image." When it comes to lifting weights, she also encourages women to "get rid of the association that it's just for boys because it's not."

Here are some more photos of Smith's incredible booty—not to mention six-pack abs and toned arms—from her Instagram account: