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Fitness Olympia Runner-Up Ryall Graber's HIIT Workout

Ryall Graber has competed in an amazing 41 pro shows. But it’s only the beginning of her fitness journey.

Ryall Graber
Chris Nicoll
Chris Nicoll
Exercises 4
Equipment Yes

Finishing second at this year’s Fitness Olympia contest—after a year away from the stage due to a foot injury—was the pinnacle of Ryall Graber’s highly successful decade-plus run in the IFBB Pro League.

Yet, ask her for her most memorable performance, and she’ll point to her first pro win at the 2013 Arnold Classic Fitness Brazil. “I was in the middle of a painful divorce,” she says. “The outcome was the culmination of learning from a lot of failures, perseverance, following my heart, working hard, and staying disciplined. Winning made me realize the only limits we do have are the ones we set on ourselves. It lit a fire inside of me.”

Over the course of an impressive 41 IFBB Pro League shows since turning pro in just her second-ever fitness contest in 2007, 40-year-old Graber has learned a lot about her body “through multiple diets and routines, hormone imbalances, even massive weight rebounds post-show,” as she explains. That experience has helped her develop a sensible approach—including a healthy, year-round diet plan and specific show-to-show trainingplans—which she credits with her longevity in the sport.

It doesn’t hurt, either, that this 5'4", 125-pound athlete and personal trainer spends her days in paradise. Cancun, Mexico, to be exact, where she launched her online coaching business in 2010 and, in 2014, RyallFitnessGetaway, where she provides a fitness-oriented destination experience to clients.

Now, with 10 top-10 finishes at the Fitness International and Fitness Olympia contests to her credit, Graber has reached a state few athletes ever reach: contentment. “I’m very fulfilled with my personal achievements,” she says. “But my passion for this sport will keep me on this stage a little longer. Why stop if I’m feeling healthy and I love to compete with my fellow fitness sisters? I trust in my journey and that I’ll know when the time is right for me to stop, but now isn’t that time.”

Ryan Graber

The Workout

Pro Tip: Graber recommends warming up with dynamic and static stretches beforehand, along with a two-minute jog or similar cardio activity. She does HIIT-style workouts like this three times per week on average.

Ryall Graber's HIIT Workout Repeat the sequence five times, resting 60 seconds between rounds.

Exercise 1

Treadmill Run
exercise image placeholder
-- sets
45 sec. sprint reps
-- rest

Exercise 2

Rope Slam How to
Rope Slam thumbnail
-- sets
40 reps
-- rest

Exercise 3

Squat Jump How to
Squat Jump thumbnail
-- sets
30 reps
-- rest

Exercise 4

General Pushup You'll need: No Equipment How to
Pushup thumbnail
-- sets
15 reps or to failure. reps
-- rest