In the winter edition of Muscle & Fitness Hers, social media star Natalie Jill lets us in on her fitness secret weapon: her bodyweight workout for strength gains. The 46-year-old mom went from rock bottom to fitness star, gaining certifications in fitness and nutrition along the way. She shares her favorite moves and her muscle-building menu, giving you all the inspiration you need to kick your fitness routine up a notch.

If you’re still looking for the perfect plan to refresh your routine, look no further than our 8-week Body Reboot Plan. The two-month fitness plan will get you out of even the deepest winter rut, whether you’ve hit the couch instead of the weights one too many days or your old routine’s just lost its luster. But be warned: These fresh, challenging moves will most definitely leave you sore.

If you’re looking to hone in on your midsection this winter, check out the 30-minute, Pilates-inspired abs routine that will take your core to the next level. And in a special pullout workout poster, find an effective, full-body routine that only requires two sets of dumbbells and will fit into even the tightest schedule.

And while you switch it up in the gym, don’t neglect your diet. You’ll find nutrition tips galore and recipes to keep your diet on track for every winter occasion. With plenty of other tips and tricks to change up your workouts, the winter issue provides more than enough material to help you keep it fresh and see real results.

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