What kind of physical changes have you seen since you started doing Peepshow?
Dancing every single night is basically like doing cardio. I’m actually the exact same weight—135 pounds— as when I started, I just lost fat and gained muscle, which changed the shape of my body. When I saw this happening, I thought to myself, “I want to see how far I can take this and get to a more competitive level.” And that’s exactly what I’ve been doing.

How has the IFBB inspired your weight loss?
Recently I went to the Jay Cutler Desert Classic show in Vegas because one of my trainers is a competitor, and she’s balls to the walls into it. I was amazed at how beautiful the bodies were. I was even more inspired and realized I’m not too far from some of these girls. Recently, I’ve dropped from 24% body fat to 13%. That’s a crazy change in my body!

Which Body part do you focus on the most?
I generally work out my lower body every time I go to the gym. I concentrate on doing squats and lunges with weights. I work on the top of my booty muscles. If I work hard enough I can get my butt pretty big, but it takes a lot of dedication and heavy weights.

What else do you do to stay fit?
I love pole fitness. The way I do it, it’s extreme acrobatics—it’s on a whole different level. You go up 12 feet in the air, hit a split or a pose, and hold it. That is some serious business. It’s intense!

Do you really do squats in stilettos?
Yes, but I don’t bring my shoes to the public gym. I have a private gym in my building. I bring some little stripper shoes and I basically exhaust my muscles in sneakers, then put the heels on. I do it to trick my body.