First to the Puck

In hockey, a few split seconds of all-out burst speed can make a big difference. So I focus a lot of my training on building explosive strength and speed through dynamic movements like sprints and jumps. Skating is a huge part of my game and my biggest asset, so I work to build leg strength and power. But it’s also a long season, so I focus on avoiding injury and staying healthy so I can stay on the ice longer.

The Great Outdoors

I grew up in Minnesota, and while I’m based in New York during hockey season, I still spend my summers in the Midwest. We do a lot of fishing and hanging out on the lake. During hockey season we’re mostly at the rink, so I enjoy being in the fresh air as much as possible.

Comfort Foods

I eat a lot of lean meat—I’m really getting into bison burgers!—and I add in as many vegetables as possible. But as the season goes on, your body begins to wear out and you start to rely on foods like pasta for energy. Once you are skating, you need those carbs!

Giving Back

I work with the Garden of Dreams, which helps kids throughout the New York City area who face homelessness, poverty, or illness. I also work with my wife and mother-in-law, who help to run a friendship club with disabled kids.

Reaching for the Cup

Expectations are very high for the Rangers this year, given where we finished last season. We know how it feels to have the opportunity to win it all and [still] lose. We need to make sure we work even harder and maintain our focus every day to perform the best we can, no matter where we end up. You have to be as prepared as possible to have the best chance at winning it all.

Girl Power

It was really exciting to see the U.S. women compete for the gold medal at the last Olympic games. Women’s hockey is constantly improving. Every year the speed of the game is picking up and the depth of the players grows. There’s no better dream for a young girl who plays the game than going for the gold.

Hanging Up the Skates

Hockey has been part of my life since I was a little kid, and I don’t even want to think about what I’ll need to do next for a long time. Ultimately I think I’ll stick with something in the sport. I’d love to mentor young players and watch them develop.