“Growing up in France, I was passionate about soccer and always played with my school friends during recess. Around age 5, I joined a Taekwondo team and switched to kickboxing and boxing. I started competing at age 6 and kept going until my last professional fight four years ago, at age 25.” 


“To get my master’s degree, I was evaluated on five different sports every semester, including hurdling, triple jump, 400-meter sprint, javelin, volleyball, basketball, climbing, gymnastics, dance, judo, handball, rugby, and more. With these plus kickboxing, I was exercising 20-plus hours a week at the time.” 


“Authenticity—I find a real beauty in that. And if she speaks French and likes wine, it’s a plus!” 


“My kickboxing background influences my training methods, so I’m often training my clients’ bodies as well as their minds. I’m working on their ability to persevere. My clients often tell me I am a gym therapist. But an organized life and organized mind provide an optimum experience! So before going to the gym, plan out what you are going to do, and track your workouts to see your progress. And about 30 minutes before exercise, drink a glass of water to prevent dehydration.”


“Depending on my goals, I adapt my training regimens: I lift weights five to six times a week and will do my cardio at the boxing gym—jumping rope, speed bag, heavy bag, and sparring—up to three times a week.” 


“My ideal cheat meal is a mini Margherita pizza, followed by a pastrami sandwich and an almond croissant and/or an Oreo milkshake. Favorite clean meal: roasted or grilled chicken breast with chipotle peppers, steamed broccoli, and plain Greek yogurt with raspberries.” 


I work a lot, so in my downtime I enjoy exploring the city, catching a movie, or watching TV. And I love discovering new restaurants and foods. I also like drawing, writing scripts, and playing video games with friends.” 


“I left Paris in July 2011 to move to New York City. There is always something going on here—UFC, basketball, football, hockey, CrossFit, yoga, weightlifting. But I do miss activities with my family, like fishing with my grandfather, watching a movie with my dad, cooking with my mum, or playing with my nephews. And I have amazing friends back home who I miss spending time with.” 


His first film role, in The Expendables 3, all started with a return e-mail from Sylvester Stallone. “Sly is amazing; I learned so much from him—acting, talking, directing. I spent most of my time with Mel Gibson, who’s such a great actor. It was a life lesson.”