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How GRID Games Super Athletes Jaime Gold & Jessica Rhaky Prepare For Competition

Competitive fitness reaches new heights with the National Pro Grid League.

Ever wish your energy at the gym could be put to competitive use? The athletes of GRID have done exactly that. This new professional sport has 11 races, in which two coed teams compete head-to-head, all incorporating speed, endurance, strength, and strategy. The sport (run by the National Pro GRID League) was founded two years ago by the former executive director of the CrossFit Games. GRID participants come from varied backgrounds, with both generalists and specialists. Eight teams (each with seven men and seven women) based in cities across the U.S. face off in two-hour matches on a playing floor with four quadrants, each containing various challenges, from handstand walks to power snatches. We asked a few of the female pros how they train to take the top spot. 

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