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Massiel Arias Shows Off Her Booty-Sculpting Workout

Try this 'Butt Builder Challenge' from her Instagram, Cele MankoFit.

Check out these videos to see if you're up for the challenge!

TAG YOUR BUDDIES TO CHALLENGE THEM TO THE "ALL LEVELS" JUMP SQUAT CHALLENGE Video shows the move for beginners first, then intermediate, then expert. Chair trick: if you're a beginner using a chai SQUAT JUMPS: plyometric move targeting quads, hamstrings, glutes, calves. Make sure your back is neutral at all times. Push though your heels and not your toes landing softly at all times letting the coconuts and hamstrings do the deceleration for you, not your feet. CHAIR MODIFICATION: using a chair will help you with your squat form, stabilize and balance you during the exercise and make it easier all around. This is great for beginners. BEGINNER: 6 sets of 12 reps (take your time it is not a race 1 min active rest by walking around). INTERMEDIATE: 8 sets of 15 reps (challenge yourselves ,active rest 30s-1:30s walking around) EXPERT: 10 sets 15 reps 45 sec rest with added resistance. remember this is your journey no need to complete all sets within the given time frame based on rest times given...if you need to rest more, do so! #themassymethod #Godschild _________________________________ MENCIONEN A SUS COMPAÑEROS Y DESAFIENLOS AL RETO DE SENTADILLAS PLYOMETRICAS CON MODIFICACIÓN PARA PRINCIPIANTES. el video muestra el modo para principiantes 1ro, intermedio, y experto. SENTADILLAS pliometricas : mantener una Espalda neutral empujando desde los talones y no los dedos de los pies. Siempre aterrizar suavemente usándo los cocos y femorales al decelerar. PARA MODIFICACIÓN: al saltar aterrizar sentándose en la silla como guía para dar balance y estabilidad. Usar una silla también arreglara tu forma al hacer sentadillas si eres principiante. PRINCIPIANTES: 6 series de 12 repeticiones 1'minuto y medio de descanso INTERMEDIO: 8 series de 15 repeticiones (retense ,de 30s-1min minuto de descanso activo caminando) EXPERTO: 10 series de 15 repeticiones 20 segs de "descanzo" 45segs de descanzo. Recuerden que esta es tu hornada y no tienes que que basarte en el tiempo que te he dado. Hazlo a tu nivel y tomate el tiempo necesario de descanso para hacer la próxima serie! #elmetodomassy #hijadecristo

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DARE A FRIEND TO THE COCONUT BUILDER CHALLENGE: 100 reps read belowReps on reps on reps for this coconut challenge. With or without resistance the goal for this week is to put enough stress on the coconuts to help them grow, lift, and firm up. ☺️ Squat jumps work the coconuts, hamstrings, and quads. The trick to these is to squeeze and contract the glutes aka coconuts when you reach the bottom to help you activate as you come up. (THESE BANDS WILL BE AVAILABLE ON MY WEBSITE IN A MATTER OF DAYS STAY TUNED). Keeping a neutral back at all times pushing from your heels not your toes, you will perform as many reps as possible until fatigue, rest 30-45 seconds and repeat again until you reach the goal. I am doing 100 reps which I will divide into 5 sets of 20 trust me, it sounds like a lot but you will build your endurance the more you do it trust me! If you're a beginner add this to your arsenal and start with 3-4 sets of 10 reps! LOVE YOU ALL NOW, WHO ARE YOU CHALLENGING!? #themassymethod #godschild #builtnotbought shoes: @nike #nikefreerunning _______________________________________ MENCIONA A UN AMIGO/A AL QUE QUIERAS RETAR A HACER EL RETO DE LOS COCOS: 100 repeticiones lee abajo Repeticiones y mas repeticiones, el objetivo de esta semana es poner el estrés a necesario a los cocos para que se afirmen y se agranden Sentadillas plyometicas trabajan los cocos, cuadriceps, y femorales. El truco es contraer los glúteos al estar paralelo al piso para ayudar a activarlos apropiadamente durante el ejercicio. Con una espalda neutral empujando con los talones y no los dedos de los pies, van a hacer tantas repeticiones como puedan hasta fatigarse y dividirlas en series hasta alcanzar la meta de 100. Yo las dividí en 5 series de 20 repeticiones pero pueden dividirlas como quieran! Para principiantes cortar el reto a la mitad y solo realizar 50 (10 series de 5 o 5 series de 10). LISTOS? A quien vas a retar? #elmetodomassy #hijadecristo #trabajadonoconprado #hijadecristo

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