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Perfect Your Glute-Hammy Tie-In

Two top bikini competitors share their favorite moves for getting a firm, lifted booty.

Perfect Your Glute- Hammy Tie-In


Janet Layug: Five-time IFBB Bikini Champion


“The glute-hamstring tie-in is where the bottom of your glutes connect to the top of your hamstrings. Since fat is often stored in this area, it’s a tough spot to tone, but these exercises can create a nice shape where the two muscles meet,” says Janet Layug.

Barbell Deep Squat:
“Get into a wide enough stance to go low and deep so you fully engage the glutes.”

Dumbbell Deadlift:

“I feel the resistance in my glutes, as well as my back.”

Walking Lunge with Dumbbell:

“You don’t need your knee to touch the floor, but go low enough so your glute muscles get a full stretch.”

Barbell Hip-thrust Bridge:
“Push through both feet, driving hips upward, and squeezing glutes at the top.”

Hamstring Curl:

“I tighten my glutes while curling the weight, hitting both muscles at the same time.”

“I split all of these moves into three days of workouts, staying in the 10 to 25 rep ranges. For bigger glutes, I go heavy on weights for longer reps (seven to 12).”

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