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Watch: 8-months-pregnant Powerlifter Casually Deadlifts 245 Pounds

Sarah Strong may be in her third trimester, but she's still crushing her workouts.

Sarah Strong
Sarah Strong / Instagram

Sarah Strong may be eight months pregnant, but that's not keeping her from working out. And Strong isn't just a casual lifter, she's a mom, certified trainer, and powerlifter who—even at this stage in her pregnancy—pulls some impressive numbers.

She posted the video below in September of some casual 265-lb deadlifts:

It garnered some attention for obvious reasons. She's both very strong and very pregnant—two things that some people don't think should go hand-in-hand. But as studies have shown, working out while pregnant is actually beneficial for moms-to-be and their babies, although going too hard isn't recommended. Strong clearly knows what she's doing, and she's lightened up her training "to compensate for the later stages of pregnancy," the New York Post reports.

Strong also started a new Instagram page, @strongmomslift, to both show support for other fit moms, especially those who keep up their lifting routines while pregnant, and share content to educate others on the safety of prenatal fitness.

And, of course, if you decide to follow Strong's lead, check with your doctor to make sure you stay safe throughout your lifting program.

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