Sisters Holly (14) and Rowan Morrogh Bernard (16) may be young, but the are clearly all about their business. Combined, they have broken nearly 300 Scottish records at their young age, according to the The sisters began lifting at age 11 when a friend prompted them to give weightlifting a try, since then they’ve never stopped. At the time they were more involved in equestrian vaulting, where Holly was already the Scottish champ. 

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“In terms of personal bests, Rowan has achieved 80kg clean and jerk and 64kg snatch, while Holly has achieved 63kg snatch and 73kg clean and jerk,” according to 

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Despite Holly’s outstanding strength, she makes it a point to maintain a feminine figure, wear makeup and manicure her nails. 

These sister have a bright future and will be back in action at the Scottish Schools Championships in Glasgow on January 15.