Wonder Woman and Justice League star Gal Gadot was pretty busy last week, tearing it up in a game of charades with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show on Thursday, then hosting Saturday Night Live on October 7. Unsurprisingly, Gadot was hilarious in both appearances.

From her opening monologue (in which she jokingly warned her friends and family in Israel that this may or may not have been a huge mistake) to each of her various characters, she kept us laughing pretty much the entire time she was onscreen. That being said, here are a few of our favorite moments from Gadot’s SNL sketches:

1. Her impersonation of Kendall Jenner in “E! New Lineup”

The kicker in this sketch is when Jenner (Gadot) and her model friends get lost in her massive house and end up stuck in a walk-in closet, but Jenner asking an Amazon Alexa who she is comes in at a close second.

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2. When she played Wonder Woman and let down a pair of lesbians in “Themyscira”

Hopeful lesbians Megan (Aidy Bryant) and Dre (Kate McKinnon) end up on Themyscira under the assumption that all Amazons are gay. Hilarity ensues as Diana explains that this isn’t the case, even planting a huge kiss on Dre to “see if she feels anything”.

3. Her Bumble date with O.J. Simpson in “First Date”

Gadot’s character, a woman from Bosnia and Herzegovina who knows little about American pop culture, goes on a date with O.J. Simpson (Kenan Thompson) and picks up on the fact that he’s famous but has no idea why.

Watch the full episode below to check out the rest of Gadot’s sketches on Episode 2 of SNL‘s 43rd season.

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