Supermodel Kate Upton is no stranger to a good workout. Her trainer, Ben Bruno, puts her through some rigorous training on the regular to keep her perpetually runway-ready, because you don’t make the cover of Sports Illustrated for being out of shape. 

Admittedly, Upton’s genetics are seemingly flawless, but her Instagram and Bruno’s both speak to the effort she puts in to maintain her gorgeous physique. In one of Bruno’s latest posts, Upton crushes some uphill sled pushes, but with a twist: Her husband, Houston Astros pitcher Justin Verlander, serves as the majority of the weight on the sled.

Since Verlander stands at 6’5″ and weighs 225lbs, according to his bio, Upton is truly fighting an uphill battle in the video. Just for good measure, he’s also standing on a plate—which, of course, is hot pink. Coincidentally or not, it totally matches Upton’s outfit. 

Upton reposted the video, captioning it, “The ol’ ball and chain,” and gave us both marriage goals and fitness goals in the process. Her caption is actually a pretty accurate description, since Verlander is only creating resistance, but we can’t blame him for not joining her in the tough workout, since we’d also want to relax for a while if our team had just won the World Series.

This isn’t the first time the newlyweds have been fitness and relationship inspiration at the same time. Back when Verlander was still on the road with the Astros, Bruno shared a video of Upton knocking out a workout while watching a game in support of Verlander—because there’s literally no excuse good enough for missing legs day.

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