Dawn Estelle Archer may be a fitness instructor and Instagram sensation now, but she didn’t always live the healthy lifestyle for which she’s become known.

At 31 years old, Archer is the fittest and healthiest she’s ever been, thanks to a five-year fitness journey that changed her life. She began teaching her own classes, called SWEAT, in a parking lot in 2013, according to her website. Since then, she’s opened her own studio, traveled the U.S., and inspired countless people along the way with her own transformation and body-positive attitude.

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Here are just a few reasons the Virginia-based fitness star inspires us:

First of all, she’s not afraid to share her starting point with her 213,000-plus followers to show that everyone starts somewhere, and anyone can make the decision to live a more active, healthy lifestyle:


She doesn’t keep secrets, either. She lets her followers know exactly how she did it—and you won’t find any crazy-complicated recipes or insanely expensive cleanses on her social media feeds:


We love a girl who shares healthy recipe secrets, and lots of her posts feature totally doable, all-natural juice recipes:


She also knows just what to say. As if her transformation photos aren’t inspiring enough, she always shares motivational words with followers to drive the message home:


And on top of it all, she totally slays:


Follow Archer on Instagram at @estellearcher to keep up with her fitness journey and get some serious #fitspiration.

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