Boob sweat is to be expected during workouts when you relish the fact that you’re working hard. But for everyday life, it’s no fun at all. 

Going bra-less in a dress or romper always seems like a great idea, until you realize just how much sweat your bra really absorbs. And even in your own home it can be annoying as hell to repeatedly tuck your T-shirt under your boobs to absorb sweat while you go about your daily routine.

Well, Erin Robertson decided that she wouldn’t let a little boob sweat ruin her day. Instead, she created the Ta-Ta Towel

But it wasn’t her first shot at controlling this all-too-common issue. After trying the semi-effective T-shirt-tuck-under method, dusting on baby powder, and shoving wash cloths under her breasts in an effort to get her sweating under control before a first date, Robertson describes on the website, she was struck with a genius idea.  

“I wanted my ‘girls’ to be free!” she describes on the site, so she whipped out a sewing machine, turned to YouTube for guidance, ruined a few towels, and voilà! The boob hammock halter top contraption of your dreams.  

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The Ta-Ta Towel has come a long way since, and now features an ultra-soft rayon liner with a terry cloth exterior. At first glance, we were skeptical, but after hearing Robertson’s testimony and seeing the positive reactions of real women, we’re pretty into it.

The patented product has an adjustable cord at the top of the neck. As you can see in the product image, it resembles a long, exaggerated neck pillow. Only the material wraps around each of your breasts, like a sling; it’s entirely backless. 

The Ta-Ta Towel retails for $45, and is only available to women with larger breasts (small: C-DD; medium: DDD-E; large: F-H), as women with smaller boobs don’t have the same overlapping skin-to-skin contact problem that causes underboob sweat in the first place. And now it’s available in some adorable holiday colors (above), so it’s the perfect stocking stuffer, whether for yourself or any women on the busty side that would appreciate some boob sweat relief (aka any busty woman).  

It may be funny, but you’ve got to admit that the idea of chilling out with a super-soft towel cradling the girls and preventing boob-sweat discomfort is pretty irresistible. 

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