Looking at fitness model Laura Amy’s Instagram, you’d see that she definitely puts some serious work in at the gym, and that she’s built enviable curves as a result. She’s posted transformation shots on her profile that show a drastic change in her physique. But on Monday, she shared a pair of particularly stunning side-by-side comparison photos with her more than 406,000 followers to show just how far she’s come.

In the same post, she revealed that she once struggled with an eating disorder and weighed a shocking 39kg (86lbs) in the before photo, which you can see in the post below.

In an edited version of the caption, she got personal with her followers and shared more of her backstory. “I’d just like to add since a lot of people out there obviously don’t believe in hard work and dedication,” she writes. “On the left I weighed around 39kg and struggled with an eating disorder. On the right is me today weighing around 50kg (110lbs), I only started training weights at the start of last year and since then it has become my passion and the one thing I can always turn to for happiness.”

She’s shared similar side-by-side comparisons before and even mentioned that she’d once been obsessed with her weight, but this is the first time she’s addressed her struggle with an eating disorder. Her overarching message to followers is that fitness transformations are marathons, not sprints. And anyone trying to build muscle knows that truer words have never been spoken.

“Looking back on my mindset two years ago, I wish I could have told myself then what I know now,” she says in another post. “The numbers on the scales is just that…A NUMBER!!! Two of the biggest things I’ve learnt, Your body needs the right foods to fuel and nourish you and lifting heavy weights is not something to be scared of! Nothing beats the feeling of being strong and confident in your body!”

Since starting her fitness journey, she’s not only sculpted gorgeous curves, but amassed a huge following and started her own online fitness coaching program, L.A Fit

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