NBC is adding another show to its fitness arsenal. From the network that produced fitness-focused shows like American Ninja Warrior and The Biggest Loser, STRONG is a new fitness competition series you’ll want to start watching this week, featuring 10 of the country’s hottest personal trainers and 10 contestants who will embark upon the ultimate body transformation journey.

The 10-episode show will be hosted by professional volleyball player, Gabrielle Reece , with Sylvester Stallone as one of the executive producers.

Rather than only emphasizing weight loss or agility, STRONG is about the contestants’ transformations, and finding the balance between mind and body. The trainers and trainees compete together in “epic challenges” side by side each week, all vying for a $500,000 prize. “Other shows have the trainers just being trainers,” says participant and one of the personal trainers, Chris Ryan. “Now the trainers have skin in the game and compete alongside their trainees; leading and coaching them through all of these challenges.” The Elimination Tower was a 4-story ever-changing behemoth of physical and mental fortitude and would send one team home each week. “That was the toughest, so the trainers nicknamed it the ‘opportunity tower,’ because it was the opportunity of a lifetime to be on this show, competing and training at the highest level, ” says Ryan. “No one wants to give that up and lose that opportunity.”

“There is an inner-athlete in all of us that is yearning to be unleashed,” says Ryan. “It doesn’t mean that we should all play in the NFL or win an Olympic medal, but we are physical beings that need to exercise, need to compete and push ourselves to our highest level. That is where our greatness is unleashed! I saw it in my awesome trainee, Giovanna, and I saw it in the other amazing women and trainers as well.”

After the two-hour preview on Wednesday, the show premieres Thursday, April 14 at 9/8c. See NBC’s teaser video here.


Learn more about the show and the contestants at nbc.com/strong.

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