Tattoos May Affect the Way You Sweat

If you've got one (or three) you may find the following info useful.

Tattooed Woman Sweating
Charles Knox / Getty

When someone runs through the checklist of considerations before finally deciding on something that will be on their body forever, they very rarely, if ever, consider sweating to be high on that list. But as it turns out, the way you sweat through tattooed skin is different than how you sweat normally.

Yes, you still sweat, but perhaps not as efficiently. A recent small study found that tattoos can change the amount and the saltiness of your perspiration.

Subjects produced only half as much sweat on their tattooed areas as the non-inked skin, and the sweat from the tattooed skin had almost twice as much sodium as the sweat from the non-tattooed skin.

But don't worry, the researchers say it’s unlikely that the change in perspiration is enough to create overheating during workouts. After all, basketball players sweat as much, if not more than, any other athlete and some of them are completely tatted!