New Year’s resolutions—like dropping those last 10lbs or buiilding a competition-ready physique (abs and glutes included)—all sound great, until you actually have to get in the gym and put in the hard work. This becomes exponentially more difficult when the temperatures drop below freezing and there’s enough snow on your doorstep to warrant staying inside until April.

But if there’s one thing that motivates us to fit in a sweat session during these dreary months (aside from the prospect of forging a gloriously toned bikini body, of course), it’s a new workout outfit. And when it comes to finding the right picks, we’ve done all of the legwork for you.

This editor-approved gear and apparel has got it all: It can stand up to your toughest workouts (yes, even these 13 brutal CrossFit WODs), it’s winter-ready, and is most definitely Instagram-worthy.