A CrossFit workout of the Day, or WOD, is varied and unpredictable—not to torture you, but so your regimen doesn’t become too routine. Fear not: There’s method to the madness! These randomly assigned workouts give instant structure, hitting one or more of the following: metabolic conditioning (cardio); gymnastics and body-weight moves; and weightlifting and Olympic lifts. Translation: The dynamic workout programming you crave (and need) to get stronger/fitter is pre-determined for you. So your only work is on the gym floor.

We asked top CrossFit boxes to name their favorite WODs—be they the most universally liked or the most dreaded of them all. Here are 13 WODs that bring CrossFitters together and to their knees daily. 

The Coaches:

  • Stephen “Coop” Cooperstock, CrossFit Max Effort central facilities manager and senior coach CrossFit Max Effort, Las Vegas, NV.  crossfitmaxeffort.com 
  • General Manager Sheena Lawrick, CrossFit Windy City, Chicago, IL. windycitycrossfit.com      
  • Paul Roller, M.S., C.S.C.S. CrossFit Outbreak Brooklyn, NY. crossfitoutbreak.com