Looking to take on an obstacle course race of your own? While most OCRs present a combination of running and obstacles, the degree of difficulty (and level of craziness) can vary greatly. Take a look at some of the bigger race series, and what you can expect after the starting line.

Supersize it

Spartan Races come in three sizes: They range from the Sprint (3 miles/20-plus obstacles) to the Super (8 miles/25-plus obstacles) to the Beast (12 miles/30-plus obstacles). For any obstacle that you fail to complete, you have a burpee penalty. (spartan.com)

Don’t expect to leave clean

The 10- to 12-mile Tough Mudder is all about getting down and dirty. The “cage crawl” obstacle, for example, tests both physical and mental strength: Competitors lie on their backs and pull themselves through a long water trench—while under 60 feet of steel fencing. Teamwork is a must to get through the obstacles and across the finish line. (toughmudder.com)

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Feeling patriotic?

Show off your USA pride in Battle Frog races, which are designed by Navy SEALs. The 8K course includes at least 25 obstacles in unique terrain to make them tough, fun, and challenging. (battlefrogseries.com)

An awesome starter

The Warrior Dash is a 5K course with 12 obstacles designed to test all aspects of your fitness abilities. One sample obstacle: “Fisherman’s Catch” (cross 30 feet of cargo netting using monkey bars while suspended above a water pit). After you cross the finish line you’ll get a medal, T-shirt, fuzzy Warrior helmet, and an ice-cold beer. (warriordash.com)

Get in a workout while supporting a great cause at the same time

The 5K Rugged Maniac supports the American Cancer Society and allows you to raise funds or donate when you buy your ticket online. It has 25 obstacles like the “Speed Trap” and the “Gauntlet” that test your strength, balance, and speed. (ruggedmaniac.com)

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