4 Ways to Increase the Intensity of Your Workouts

Looking to take your workout to the next level? Try incorporating these strength-building strategies into your training.

Woman Working Out
Mike Harrington / Getty

Everyone gets stuck in a workout rut sometimes, but there are plenty of ways to switch up your workouts and blast through plateaus. Burn more calories and amp up your fat burn when you use these four tactics during your strength-building routine:

1. Add a Dropset

On the last set of each exercise, reach muscle failure, then reduce the weight by 20–30% and continue repetitions until you reach failure again.

2. Use the Rest-pause Technique

During the eccentric (flexed or down part) of each rep, hold position for two or three slow counts before exploding into the next part of the move.

3. Incorporate Supersets

Pick any two exercises for the same muscle group and perform them back to back (i.e., Romanian deadlifts and hamstring curls, or triceps extensions and dips).

4. Perform Active Rest

Instead of sitting around between sets, stretch the muscle group you’re working, hop on a bike for a fast minute, walk around the floor, or do one-minute planks.

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