If we told you there was a way to burn more calories—in this case, a whopping 500 in just one workout—boost fat loss, enhance muscle gains and improve your cardiovascular fitness without having to endure another long-winded weight-training and treadmill session, you might grab your phone and dial the consumer fraud hotline. But this is one of those rare occasions when the idiom “it seems too good to be true,” would fall on deaf ears. And if you’re looking to take your fitness and fat-loss efforts to the next level without spending more time in the gym, you’ll want to add some of these high-intensity activities to your already-solid foundation.


The 15 Best Fat-Burning Foods

The 15 Best Foods to Burn Fat and Lose Weight

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Fit female drinking water after her workout with names of supplement

15 Simple Fat-Loss Hacks

These small changes will lead to greater fat-burning potential.

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