At first glance, getting started with yoga can be intimidating. And let’s face it: Many gym rats and athletes alike may not see why it can be a beneficial addition to their fitness routines. But you don’t have to be a yogi to incorporate yoga moves into your routine and reap the benefits of this underrated fitness method.

From increased flexibility to better control over your movements and breathing, yoga can add to your overall fitness level and boost any other fit activity you typically do. That especially goes for yoga routines with moves that might as well be considered strength training. Fortunately, we’ve got one for you.

Demonstrated here by IFBB Professional League Fitness competitor Bethany Cisternino, these postures not only work every muscle while stretching you out, they’ll also help keep your mind clear while getting your body fit and strong. This routine is challenging, yet doable if you already have a good base level of fitness.

This vinyasa yoga routine is meant to be performed as flowing postures, moving through each series of poses as instructed.