Lower-body workouts are intense for good reason. Those powerful muscles can generate a lot of force, so you need exercises that get them fully engaged and exhausted. But a heavy lifting day doesn’t necessarily translate to a balanced lower body.

Classic squats, deadlifts, and lunges can sometimes disproportionately work the quads and hamstrings and leave the glutes undertrained, explains fitness coach Tim Gardner, who counts IFBB Pro League Bikini competitor Janet Layug, who won the 2019 Arnold Bikini Classic and placed third at the 2018 Bikini Olympia, among his clients. The solution? While he’ll often separate out quads and hamstrings in training, this combined workout does it all.

“The routine is structured to pre-exhaust the leg muscles,” says Gardner. “We start out targeting the quads, then transfer to the hamstrings, and back to the quads, adding in some glute isolation. We build up to higher-rep finishing sets, which is ideal for complete toning.” Result: Your glutes get their fair share of exercise so you can build muscle where you need it most.

Check out these key lower-body moves demonstrated by Layug.