Oksana Grishina has a fitness secret weapon—innovative pole dancing routines that wow crowds, impress the judges, and have earned her top spots on the podium. “I knew about pole dancing in strip clubs, but when I saw it was becoming part of fitness, I fell in love with it,” says Grishina. “It’s a very challenging routine that I wanted to share. Plus, it’s a lot of fun!”

The IFBB fitness pro quickly learned that training on a pole comes with its own unique set of challenges. “In just three months, my upper body became stronger, and my arms and back became bigger.” While she trains hard with acrobatics, weights, and cardio, she also uses the pole several times a week.

Grishina, who was born in Russia but currently lives in Los Angeles, started to train and compete at an early age as a rhythmic gymnast, while also undergoing intensive dance training. When her gymnastics career ended, she gravitated to competitive fitness. “We finish gymnastics at a young age, and in Russia there are few opportunities afterward. Fitness was new to Russia, and I was the first competitor in my city,” she says. “It was a great way to continue as an athlete, and over time, I learned a whole new lifestyle.”

Grishina is proud of her ability to inspire and motivate others, and she plans to stay involved in fitness after she’s finished competing. “Some day I want to put on my own fitness show to support the industry and new competitors!”

Here, Grishina shows off her favorite pole moves. Check out the following slides for her Strong & Sexy Total-body Pole workout.