The Posterior Chain Circuit Workout

This circuit workout target your entire posterior chain muscle group for improved performance in and out of the gym.

Per Bernal

CIRCUIT 1: 1 Round

Barbell Deadlift

Works: glutes, hamstrings

  1. Stand with midfoot just under a barbell on the floor, feet hip-distance apart, toes turned out slightly. Hinge forward and grasp bar with overhand or alternate grip (shown). Bend knees until shins touch bar (above left).
  2. Lift your chest, straightening back, and pull weight off the floor, keeping bar close to body. Lock hips and knees at the top of the movement (above right).
  3. Push hips back and lower weight to floor, bending legs when the bar reaches knees. Pause one count and repeat. 

Do five sets of five reps (60–80% max), resting two minutes between sets.

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