Fifty years ago, everyone ate the egg yolk and nobody was fat.  Now, nobody eats the yolk and everybody is fat. And if Rocky Balboa only drank raw egg whites and threw out the yolk, he would have been knocked out by Apollo Creed in the first round. 

Let’s face it, when compared to traditional yolk-filled omelets, the egg white has no taste. Throwing out the yolk is like removing the icing from a cake. To counter, the egg white, people add things like cheese to make it taste better. So, basically you’ve taken out the fatty yolk and replaced it with fatty cheese. How American of you! Slandered, persecuted, and demonized, the egg yolk is under constant attack because it contains cholesterol. Yes, and it also contains virtually all of the vitamins and minerals in the egg and half the protein.

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Egg Benefits - Egg Breakfast

It’s been assumed by many throughout the years that eating eggs will raise a person’s serum cholesterol levels and increase their risk for arteriosclerosis. While yolks do contain cholesterol, research has found that unless you have a predisposition for high cholesterol levels, eating a yolk or two a day will not adversely affect you. In fact, the University of Connecticut has extensively studied the effects of eggs on cholesterol levels. These controlled studies have shown that when people consume three to four eggs per day, with the yolk, virtually everyone experiences either no change or beneficial changes in their cholesterol levels. In fact it’s the saturated and trans fats in classic egg pairings — bacon, sausage, and ham — that commit cholestrol damage. The yolk not only contains protein but also vitamin B12, riboflavin, vitamind D, and folate — all of which may help lower a person’s risk in developing arteriosclerosis.  

I recently read an article in “The Washington Post,” that said that eating egg yolks is almost as bad as smoking. Oh, really? Who was the last person you met that ate too many egg yolks and needed an iron lung? Or ate an eggs Benedict and developed throat polyps. How many mother’s gave birth to a three pound infant because they had two eggs over easy? That’s right, none. Eat the yolk, cut out the cheese, and enjoy your eggs!